Euroscot has been a cornerstone in the defence manufacturing sector for over five decades, serving tier 1 defence contractors and OEMs with precision-engineered components. Our expertise spans a multitude of critical defence applications, including aircraft, submarines, vehicles, tanks, ships, radars, optronics, missiles, lasers, and torpedoes. With a deep understanding of client specifications, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, and strategic partnerships, Euroscot consistently delivers reliable solutions that meet the stringent demands of the defence industry.


Euroscot is a trusted partner to tier 1 global satellite companies, providing essential components crucial for satellite construction. From lightweight structural elements for chassis to precision-crafted optronic components, lens holders, camera bases, and solar panels, we leverage our extensive experience to deliver quality products crafted from materials like Invar, Kovar, aluminum, and titanium. Our commitment to excellence ensures that Euroscot remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving space and satellite industry.


Euroscot caters to tier 1 electronic businesses across diverse sectors, offering precision-manufactured components tailored to exacting standards. Whether for telecoms or consumer electronics, our focus on dimensional accuracy, particle-free production, and impeccable finishing sets us apart. Clients benefit from our agile approach, with support for prototype development and seamless production runs, complemented by transparent order book updates.


With a specialized focus on medical component manufacturing, Euroscot delivers innovative solutions for both human and veterinary applications. Our comprehensive range of prototypes and production runs, crafted from materials such as titanium, stainless steel, cobalt chrome, and medical-grade plastics, reflects our commitment to precision and quality. Euroscot's unwavering dedication to meeting stringent dimensional accuracy and surface finish requirements ensures the reliability and safety of medical devices.


Euroscot excels in providing bespoke manufacturing solutions for various robotic applications, ranging from assembly lines to autonomous vehicles. With a wealth of experience and a collaborative approach, we tackle each project's unique challenges to meet and exceed client expectations. Euroscot's ability to adapt and innovate ensures that our robotic components deliver optimal performance and reliability in diverse operational environments.


Euroscot's extensive experience in prototype manufacturing spans numerous industries, including Defence, Satellite, Medical Device, Electronic, Oil and Gas, and Product Design. Our dedicated team works closely with clients throughout the process, offering valuable insights and expertise to optimize designs for manufacturing. With transparent communication and open order book updates, Euroscot ensures that projects are executed seamlessly, from initial concept to final delivery.

Other Engineering

Euroscot's capabilities extend beyond traditional sectors, encompassing the manufacturing of critical components for a wide range of industries. From proof-of-concept prototypes to beta production runs and full-scale manufacturing, Euroscot's commitment to excellence remains unwavering. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, supported by transparent communication channels, Euroscot continues to drive success across diverse engineering endeavours.