Finishes, Painting and Treatments


Finishers and Painters

At Euroscot Engineering, we collaborate with a carefully audited network of finishers and painters, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability. Regular vendor appraisals are conducted to maintain excellence throughout our supply chain.

Examples of Regular Treatments

  • Stress Relieving
  • Heat Treatments
  • Painting:
    • Regular and specialist Defence Colours and properties (ITAR controlled)
  • Surface Treatments:
    • Anodising (Sulphuric)
    • Anodising (Chromic Acid)
    • Black Nickel
    • Bright Nickel
    • Copper Plating
    • Electroless Nickel
    • Hard Anodising
    • Iridite NCP
    • SurTec 650
    • Zinc Plating (Clear and Colour)

All treated parts undergo rigorous inspection upon return to our laboratory, ensuring compliance with the required specifications before further processing.